Set-up Eoiin Connect and Get Started With Our Quick Start Guide

Ewan Roxburgh
October 16, 2020
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Getting set-up in Eoiin Connect is easy! We’ll have you organising and tracking your projects in no time. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to set-up an organisation within Eoiin Connect, or join one that’s already been started. You can jump to the right section, by clicking one of the links below.




Set-up Eoiin Connect for the first time


To register with Eoiin Connect and start a new Organisation, head to and hit ‘Get Started‘, then ‘Begin Trial‘. You don’t have to worry about subscribing just yet.


Getting Set-up with Eoiin Connect Step 1: Head to the website and select get started.


Enter your details, including your Organisation Name, and press ‘Begin’.

You’ll then be prompted to invite a couple of team members if you choose. This is a great opportunity to invite a couple of Project Owners and have them begin adding their projects.



Add their email addresses to the boxes, and hit the green ‘Invite’ button.

Now you’re logged in and you ought to see your Organisation Folder right at the top. From here, you can begin creating Sub-Folders and Projects. This Organisation Dashboard is reflected across your entire team, so make sure to organise in a layout which everyone knows.


Join an existing organisation


To join an existing organisation, you’ll need to receive an invite from an admin already set-up within Eoiin Connect. For more on how to send an email invite to an organisation, check out this tutorial.

If you’ve been added, in your inbox you should have received an invite email asking you to create an account. Within the email, there will be a button and a link to create your account and join your team on Eoiin Connect.



Pressing the button will take you to this screen where you only need to add your name, and a set a password. With those details entered, and checkboxes ticked, select ‘Create’ and you’re in!



What next?


Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the Organisational Dashboard and the Folders and Projects you have access too. Here, you’ll be able to dive into your projects and begin collaborating with your team.



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