The road ahead

Eoiin Connect roadmap and upcoming features

Exciting features are in scope and on the horizon.

1. Archive

Store finished projects with the Eoiin archive system.

2. Program View

Big picture and high-level project performance view.

3. Schedule Charts

Visualise project schedules with multiple options including Gantt view.

4. Resources Planning

Balance workflow management with resource work and task lists.

5. API Integration

Integrate Eoiin with your favourite third party tools.

6. Eoiin App

Dedicated smartphone and tablet app, built for Android and iOS.

The Game Changer

Revolutionising reporting as we know it. More on this disruptive tech soon!

7. Analytics

Key indicators enabling statistical analysis of project performance.

8. Sales Funnel

Total sales cycle covered from lead, to quote, to sale.

9. Predictive Reporting

Harness Eoiin's AI and stay a step ahead with predictive reporting.

No limit to Eoiin features

We don't lock features, so whether you're a startup or multinational, you'll get all of the same great functionality

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