Migrating to Agile 2.0

David Tipton
March 25, 2021
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Agile 2.0 is here and migrating is super easy! In fact, it’s all already been done for you.

So, how does it work?

Agile 2.0 is our latest, major revamp of the Agile Board module. It includes additional boards per project, and a Master Board to collect the lists that matter most to everyone in the project. You can learn more about Agile 2.0 in our latest set of releases notes.




If you’re used to working in the Agile Board module, you’ll be accustomed to working with just one board. But now, we have many! So, what’s happened to all the task cards you were already working with?

Don’t worry, your tasks, all the details, comments and files are preserved. They’ll all be added to your Agile Board module in their own board labelled ‘Default’. This board will be laid out just as the original once was, but benefits from all the new UI changes.



Any of the lists on this board, you can now add to your Master Board too. You’re free also to start making news boards and adding additional lists from all over the Project to your Master Board.



If you have any questions at all, jump on in to our Facebook Group and chat with our team and other users, or feel free to leave us some feedback.


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