Eoiin Connect Release Notes — v1.8

Ewan Roxburgh
December 10, 2020
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Hello and welcome to our first set of Eoiin Connect release notes!

We’ve been quietly working away on a tonne of updates for Eoiin Connect and have some really exciting changes on the horizon. If you’ve not already checked it out, be sure to give our roadmap a suss.

Expect to see more release notes to coincide with major updates in the future, which will also detail improvements we have made and bugs that have been fixed.

As always, if you have any feedback, you can always contact us as hello@eoiinconnect.com.


What’s New ✨


Project Templates:

  • Setup your Projects on Eoiin Connect quicker and easier with the new Project Template Hub.
  • This is a feature reserved for Administrators within your instance of Eoiin Connect.
  • Head to Global Settings clicking the ⚙ in the top right corner. Under Organisation Settings, you’ll find the new Project Template Hub.
  • Here you can create Project Templates to use the next time you create a new Project.



Personal Notes in Project Details

  • We’ve added a little notes section to the Project Details module where you can write your own, personal notes attributed to a project.
  • Only you will be able to see your own notes, making it a handy little spot to record personal reminders on the project.



Improvements 🧼


New sidebar:

  • Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the improvement to our navigation with each Project — the new sidebar.
  • The icons to each module are visible, and hovering over the panel will cause it to expand.
  • It makes it much quicker and easier to move between modules.


Cross-browser performance additions:

  • The application should now behave better and look exactly how it should across a wider range of browsers, so you’re safe using Eoiin Connect no matter your preference.


Bug Fixes 🐜


  • Deleting a team now automatically updates the table and removes the team.
  • Agile notifications have been corrected, and no longer direct you to the Milestone module.
  • Other general application-wide bug fixes and UI tweaks.


Feedback 📧


Let us know what we can do to improve your experience with Eoiin Connect at hello@eoiinconnect.com


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