Eoiin Connect Release Notes β€” v1.11

David Tipton
March 25, 2021
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Yippee! This here’s an exciting set of release notes for Eoiin Connect. That major update we’ve been teasing for a little while is finally here.


Introducing… Agile 2.0!

This major update is a serious overhaul of one of our most popular modules, the Agile Board. It’s the beginning of a bunch of planned changes for Agile that’s going to make it all the more powerful in organising your workflows.

It’s also a glimpse at a new direction we’re pushing the application. You’ll notice the cards look a little different; we’re hoping to adopt that style more consistently in other modules over time.

All of you data had been carried over fo you as part of our automated migration process.

We’re keener than ever to hear your feedback on this one! Let us know which aspects of it you like/dislike; we’re always eager to hear your thoughts and it may change how we approach future updates.

What’s New ✨



Agile 2.0


Add individual lists to the Master Board.


New and improved card designs.


Improvements 🧼


Colour tweaks and changes


Bug Fixes πŸ›



Feedback πŸ“§


Let us know what we can do to improve your experience with Eoiin Connect atΒ hello@eoiinconnect.com.


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