Eoiin Connect Release Notes — v1.10

David Tipton
March 10, 2021
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Howdy folks 🤠 Been a little bit since we had a major release for you, but the latest update has a few goodies in store we’re eager to tell you about.

Big shout out to all those sending us your feedback! Understanding how and why you use the application, and what might improve your overall experience, is invaluable to us. It directly impacts our designs, planning and prioritisation. Please do keep it coming.

But, without further ado, let’s get stuck into the latest set of release notes!


What’s New ✨



  • You can now import data from Excel documents using pre-constructed templates, or a file you’ve previously exported from the application.
  • There are a couple of options when uploading your file too: you can either add to the existing and replace duplicates or replace all.
  • Now when exporting, data types are preserved in the Excel document, rather than just being text.



Improvements 🧼


Opening attachment:

  • Clicking on an attachment no longer downloads it by default, but opens it in a new tab if your browser can open the file type (PDFs, MP4, etc).
  • Downloaded files now preserve the same filename as the original uploaded copy.
  • File type issues have been resolved and the original file type preserved.
  • Images are displayed and opened as usual.


Favourites and Recents:



General Improvements:

  • Empty modules now have a neat animated GIF


Bug Fixes 🐛


  • Adding new Tasks in Milestones no longer collapses the whole list.
  • Being logged into one device no longer logs you out of another. You can sign into three devices simultaneously.
  • General fixes and tweaks.


Feedback 📧


Let us know what we can do to improve your experience with Eoiin Connect at hello@eoiinconnect.com


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