Creativa: Creativity through collaboration


Founded in Melbourne in 2009, Creativa has grown to become one of Australia’s foremost animation and video production studios. Serial award winners, they produce an eclectic range of video content, from 3D animations, to personalised videos, to 360 interactive tours. They do it all.


With a diverse set of clients and multifaceted video production services, managing highly varied projects simultaneously can be demanding on resources. Tight deadlines with quick turnaround delivery is the norm for the Creativa team’s scope.


Creativa count on Eoiin Connect from start to finish, end-to-end. Project creation, task delegation, milestone adoption and performance monitoring. No longer reliant on countless project management tools to manage and maintain their creative production process.


"I use Eoiin Connect to manage daily tasks with multiple teams.
The intuitive usability is fantastic. It’s also helped me cut down on my emails!"

Sarah Schwab, Creativa
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