How to Add Your Team to Eoiin Connect

Ewan Roxburgh
June 12, 2020
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Eoiin Connect is a shared online workspace, designed to make team collaboration on projects easier. For that reason, adding your team to Eoiin Connect is crucial, so you can assign the right tasks to the right people.

Adding your team is easy. If you’re an admin, all you’ll need is the email addresses for the team members you want to invite. If you’re not an admin, you’ll need to pass on the email address to one of your organisation’s admins and ask them to complete the process for you. Only the admin can invite new members to your organisation.

Once you’re logged into your admin account, head to your Global Settings. No matter where you are within the Eoiin Connect platform, you can access the Global Settings by clicking the cog in the top right-hand corner of the screen.



Admins will see a selection of ‘Organisation Settings’, unavailable to general Users. Under this section, you can see ‘People and Teams’. Selecting that option loads a list of users already permitted access to your organisation’s account. User information includes email address, additional contact details, the teams they belong to and their authorised permissions.



At the top right of the list, you’ll see three boxes. In the first box labelled ‘Invite by email’, enter the email address of the person you wish to invite. You can enter multiple emails by separating each email with a comma.



In the second box marked ‘Roles (Optional)’, there’s a drop-down that allows you to change the permission level. If no option is selected, the default permission level will be ‘user’.

The third box labelled ‘Teams (Optional)’ enables you to invite contacts to a team, if a team has been created. From here, the admin can also set permissions at a team/group level.

The latter two boxes, ‘Roles’ and ‘Teams’ are both optional, so can be adjusted later if preferred. To send team members an invite, simply enter the relevant email addresses and hit ‘Invite’. The invite will appear in their inbox within a couple of minutes, with a link to set up their own account and begin working with you in Eoiin Connect.

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